A Year With Myself by Cigdem Kobu
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A Year With Myself

Co-created by over 80 master writers, artists, coaches, and entrepreneurs, this yearlong journaling program will transform your creative life from the inside out.
Enrollment is closed

What if you went on a delightful journey with your creative self in the next twelve months?

You're here now because you want to finally develop that gentle, steady writing practice you need. You need it because you know it'll be the solid foundation for that creative dream you want to take from "idea to finished" in 2020. You need structure and support. You want a communal container where you belong, feel safe and have fun. You desire to start each week encouraged and energized to write, create and express yourself.

Waiting is a form of resistance. Writing, on the other hand, is a form of showing up. When you feel inspired to write consistently each week, when you have a reason to keep moving your pen, you build a practice—one that informs and fortifies each and every part of your life.

Besides, the real pleasure in engaging your creativity (and your pen) comes from playing with the process without concern for the outcome. And it's always a bonus if you can do that alongside kindred spirits on a similar path. So, grab your journal, pick up your pen, and get ready to jot down what invites you as I tell you about A Year With Myself and why I believe it'll add meaning, joy and a sense of well-being to your creative life this year. 
“After participating in Cigdem’s writing groups, my way of thinking about certain challenges and obstacles in my life has shifted. And I’ve developed a new mental approach and attitude to deal with them. This program is an opportunity to put yourself first for a change.”
LEERAY COSTA, Professor of Cultural Anthropology & Social Justice Advocate
“This program provides a huge opening to explore and navigate my own thoughts and then create from them. The prompts never fail to start a good, little tornado of muses and reflections, forming the words that get put down. In some ways, it is the combination of the weekly activities that sets this program apart from others. Writing and life coming together so beautifully.”
DAWN SULLY PILE, Author, Speaker & Co-Active Coach

I designed A Year With Myself with visionary women creators and quiet luminaries like you in mind.

A Year With Myself is a yearlong writing journey designed for creative women who want to change their lives from the inside out so that they feel centered, connected and fueled to create what matters to them the most. It's also the most comprehensive transformational journaling program you can expect to find. It might be perfect for you if:

  • You're a writer, artist, coach, healer, or solopreneur with a bold dream that makes your heart beat faster and that you want to bring to life in 2020.
  • You want to develop a steady writing practice that supports your creative thinking and keeps you centered. 
  • You want to align or transform multiple areas of your life from the inside out and show up in the world as your truest, unmasked self and develop a creative process that suits who you are and what you hold dear.
  • You value sustainable creativity, meaningful action, kindness and generosity, deeper connections, and childlike fun, and you want to become the change you want to see in the world.
  • You’re ready to start dissolving inner roadblocks such as fear, uncertainty, apathy, or lack of clarity.
  • You know well that personal growth, creative growth and career growth go hand in hand.
  • You’re a lifelong learner, and having access to new ideas, valuable new practices and interesting people excites you.
  • You love writing and journaling, and you take joy in sharing your words with kindred spirits as much as reading their words and finding out about their creative journeys, challenges and processes.
A Year With Myself provides a strong structure, a container for personal inquiry at a deep soul level. Writing and journaling using this unique program has revealed another layer of the path of becoming whole. I have a new understanding of facets of my personality and soul. This has allowed me to align the inside and outside, the introvert and extrovert, the personal and public, in a whole new way.  I recommend this to anyone on a path of integration.”
KATHLEEN O’BRIEN, Artist & Designer, kathleen-obrien.com
“Women often go through life just ‘faking’ it or trying to get through a day to get to the other side never really knowing who we are, let alone why we are here or what we are to learn. My life has never been more meaningful than when I took Cigdem's A Year With Myself program. It gave me the ‘permission’ to go inside without feeling selfish or narcissistic.”
NANCY DADAMI, Feng Shui Practitioner, Coach & Speaker, nancydadami.com

You won't only develop a steady journaling practice, you'll also transform your creative life from the inside out.

I created this program hand in hand with more than 80 remarkable guest instructors who wrote intimate stories about themselves and crafted complementing writing prompts for the 52 sections of the thematic, step-by-step framework of A Year With Myself. Patti Digh, Susannah Conway, Desiree Adaway, Jennifer Louden, Tara Mohr, Tanya Geisler, Kate Swoboda, Courtney Carver, Amy Oscar, Cynthia Morris, and Jennifer Gresham are just a few of those wonderful people. Since 2012, hundreds of women creators from all over the world have taken this program and loved it because of how it influenced their lives. When you sign up, this unique weekly writing experience can also help you:

  • Explore your inner elements and personal qualities, and start orchestrating them to your advantage.
  • Reconnect with your deeper purpose and navigate your life more consciously.
  • Discover and discern where in your life you want to be and have a better understanding of what you need to do to get there.
  • Learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and develop strategies to process fear and cultivate courage.
  • Make your life more spacious and fulfilling by peacefully letting go of what doesn’t belong in it anymore.
  • Unleash, express and share your innermost creative self with full color, and reclaim the dreams you have given up on.
  • Hone your life skills so that you can live up to your potential.
  • Put yourself first for a change and create practical strategies for taking better care of yourself.
  • Get good at practicing gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation.
  • Heal and improve your relationships (including the one with yourself) and build rewarding connections with yourself and others.
  • Delve into your spiritual side and start nourishing your soul—for your spirituality feeds your creativity.
  • Fill with joy, courage, confidence, love, and gratitude, and enjoy feeling happier and healthier with no holding back on your creative path.
“You’ll love how this program affects your life. It had a profound effect on me last year. Expect changes!”
BRENDA G. MOORE, Renewable Energy Expert & Land Surveyor
“I started blogging again. And I owe it to A Year With Myself. Thank you for this amazing program.”
MARY MONTANYE, Author & Writing Coach

A thematic structure and a spacious rhythm that will sustain your focus without any overwhelm.

A Year With Myself is an online program that is perfect for taking from the comfort of your home. The rich class material follows a well-planned sequence of topics that build up on each other week by week. This step-by-step structure spreads over an entire year to preclude even the slightest overwhelm (and ensures that you enjoy every moment of this creative personal adventure.) The program has seven different sections we'll explore one by one and each section is contained in a module. They are:

  • The Art of Beginning (1 week)
  • The Art of Self-Discovery (9 weeks)
  • The Art of Creativity (8 weeks)
  • The Art of Healing (10 weeks)
  • The Art of Action (10 weeks)
  • The Art of Connection (6 weeks)
  • The Art of Joy (8 weeks)

Each Monday, you'll receive a story and a writing prompt crafted by one of our guest instructors exclusively for you. These inspiring people include bestselling authors, remarkable artists, sought-out speakers, certified coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs who have been professionally involved in the subject matters of self-discovery, sustainable creativity, healing, positive action, connection, communication, and well-being. 

Each week, you'll sit with the story and the prompt of the week  and write with it. Then, I'll invite you to our private group to share your writing. You can also read what others wrote with the same prompt and exchange ideas and stories. We'll stay connected inside our private group throughout the year, and you'll find it easy to stay on track and make progress through weekly encouragement, timely tips, pop-up prompts, and surprise gifts.
"I wake up in the middle of the night, and I check my phone for new writing. I wake up in the morning and read more stories over my breakfast. I love each and every single contribution I’ve read. I want more. We're ourselves here, we're our authentic selves."
“Two weeks. Only two weeks to change my perspective, my viewpoint, my outlook, my awareness, my attitude, my understanding. I don’t consider myself a writer but I do have a story to tell. Deep, deep gratitude for you. For holding my stories, my writing with such grace."

A rich collection of original stories, writing prompts, interviews, and resources that are yours to keep.

Here's what you'll receive and have access to once you're in (and won't find elsewhere):

  • 7 thematic modules and 52 thematic sections that unfold in a meaningful sequence designed to enable a yearlong inner journey of personal discovery, creative growth, courage and clarity, inner healing, true transformation, mindful productivity, and self-realization—and, of course, journaling, writing and reading!
  • 52 weekly essays and original writing prompts written by our guest contributors exclusively for A Year With Myself participants.
  • 7 beautifully designed workbooks for each module you can download and print. 
  • 87 interviews filled with resources, tips, examples, and relevant exercises that will help you go deeper into each topic and learn from some of the most visionary and experienced writers, artists, healers, coaches, and thought leaders.   
  • Lifetime access to the program material so you can come back and benefit from this unique experience as many times as you want or need.
  • One-year access to our beautiful writing circle called the Story Sisterhood and our introvert-friendly private Facebook group where you can post your writing each week and enjoy reading what others write and share. 
  • Weekly bonus encouragement and rituals for staying connected and accountable, pop-up prompts and surprise resources throughout the year.
"This feels like the most sacred and safest space to write I have discovered online. Thanks to all my companions on the course, the writing, all of it, was so delightful."
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive Coach & Teacher
“This group is unlike anything I have experienced. It has unleashed many words that needed a meadow to romp in without fear. Think about it.”
TERRI JACKSON, Photographer

An opportunity to reconnect with yourself and build a spacious inner container for your creative work.

This is not a journaling class. It's not a self-development course. It's not a writing group. It's all of them and more! A Year With Myself is a complete creative growth adventure that addresses the whole woman. It's based on the idea that you cannot create in a vacuum. You need meaningful connections with kindred creators who get you and support you. You need a safe community where you can drop your guard, ask any question knowing you won't be judged, get honest, valuable, relevant answers, and grow both as a human and creative more than you can on your own. This is the promise of A Year With Myself.

This program and our creative sisterhood will be the fertile ground you need this year to create what matters to you—with joy and ease and not in isolation or overwhelm. A Year With Myself is like a collective treasure trove created piece by piece to reflect the unique wisdom of dozens of amazing instructors who will shed light on your creative path.

On the other hand, this is not a coaching program or a writing craft class. The value of this experience lies in the act of creating together and writing as a group with the weekly prompts to explore possibilities and new avenues of thought to travel down. It's the showing up and sharing that multiplies what you can get from it. There are no calls to make time for or no Skype sessions you need to attend. There's only an invitation to put one foot in front of the other, write one piece each week and share it with us in our safe, fun, nourishing writing circle.
“Cigdem’s writing community has offered me a welcoming, safe, supportive space to be seen and heard, and the biggest benefit is confidence in myself as a writer. The support and feedback are authentic, never superficial. I also enjoy the continuity and close bonds with the other members. I recommend this program to any woman who’s looking for a circle of support for her writing. It offers the opportunity to be part of a community; a respectful, caring, honest, and intimate circle. If you want to develop or deepen your writing practice, you’ll benefit the most.”
MELINDA COPPOLA, Poet & Yoga Teacher, melindacoppola.com
“Cigdem’s writing groups provide a safe space to share my writing. I like reading the various ways other writers respond to the same writing material. The prompts force me to think about the everyday and how it relates to bigger issues, my past and my vision for the future. The groups also add rigor to my writing practice. They provide an opportunity to create a particular body of work, and I have lately begun to collect the writing I do to self-publish it."
LAVERNE ZABIELSKI, Textile Designer & Writer, lavernezabielski.com

The Art of Beginning

  • Week 1 - Part 1: "Liminal Spaces" with Author & Community Builder Patti Digh
  • Week 1 - Part 2: "Begin Where You Are" with Author & Writing Coach Jennifer Louden

The Art of Self-Discovery

  • Week 2: "Connecting with Your Roots" with Author & Artist Leonie Dawson
  • Week 3: "Rewriting Your Beautiful Story" with Writer Sara Blackthorne
  • Week 4: "Leveraging Your Personality" with Martha Beck Coach Laurie Foley
  • Week 5:"Aligning Yourself with Your Values" with Master Coach & Author Sandi Amorim
  • Week 6: "Activating Your Superpowers" with Coach & Speaker Tanya Geisler
  • Week 7: "Recognizing Your Uniqueness" with Therapist Karen Caterson
  • Week 8: "Discerning Your True Passion" with Writer & Coach Victoria Brouhard
  • Week 9: "Cultivating Self-Awareness" with Coach & Photographer Julie Daley
  • Week 10: "Getting Good at Self-Love" with Writer & Spiritual Director Ronna Detrick

The Art of Creativity

  • Week 11: "Invoking Your Creative Muse" with Artist, Therapist and Creativity Mentor Chris Zydel
  • Week 12: "Capturing Your Best Ideas" with Speaker and Leadership Consultant Dyana Valentine
  • Week 13: "Expressing Your Creative Self" with Writer and Copywriter Jenny Bones
  • Week 14: "Inviting More Adventure" with Memoir Coach & Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Sue Mitchell
  • Week 15: "Maximizing Your Creativity" with Mixed-Media Artist and Creativity Guide Alexia Petrakos
  • Week 16: "Ending Procrastination" with  Life Coach and Creative Entrepreneur Tia Sparkles Singh
  • Week 17: "Getting Unstuck" with Creativity Coach Lisa Wilder
  • Week 18: "Learning to Play Again" with Artist and Creativity Coach Andrea Schroeder

The Art of Healing

  • Week 19: "Practicing Mindfulness" with Author & Photographer  Susannah Conway
  • Week 20: "Embracing Simplicity" with Copyeditor & Proofreader Michelle Russell
  • Week 21: "Raising Your Energy" with Writer, Designer & Intuitive Counselor Bridget Pilloud
  • Week 22:"Reducing Bad Stress" with Writer & Coach Amy Palko
  • Week 23: "Navigating Difficult Emotions" with Grief Specialist & Intuitive Energy Worker Alana Sheeren
  • Week 24: "Getting Good at Letting Go" with Writer & Photographer Alycia Neighbors
  • Week 25:"Forgiving and Healing" with Writer & Transformational Coach Lisa Miles Brady
  • Week 26:"Rewriting Your Money Story" with Business Coach & Entrepreneur Sherold Barr
  • Week 27: "Making Self-Care a Lasting Habit" with Coach & Educator Lianne Raymond
  • Week 28: "Transforming from the Inside Out" with Writer, Speaker & Nutrition Coach Meg Worden

The Art of Action

  • Week 29: "Redefining Your Big Vision" with  Copywriter & Content Strategist Abby Kerr
  • Week 30: "Connecting with Your Purpose" with Coach, Teacher & Energy Worker Megan Potter
  • Week 31: "Cultivating Courage" with Global Nomad & Writer Angela Marie Maxwell
  • Week 32: "Mastering the Art of Time" with Author & Career Coach Jennifer Gresham
  • Week 33: "Practicing Mindful Productivity" with Writer & Traveler Lisa Baldwin
  • Week 34: "Defining Success for Yourself" with Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant Natalie Sisson
  • Week 35: "Focusing on What Matters" with Writer & Marketing Manager  Michelle Nickolaisen
  • Week 36: "Getting Good at Taking Action" with Artist & Writer Tara Kate Robinson
  • Week 37: "Building Better Habits" with Artist, Writer and Consultant Molly Gordon
  • Week 38: "Doing Your Greatest Work" with Author, Artist and Creative Business Coach Lisa Sonora

The Art of Connection

  • Week 39: "Nurturing Your Relationships" with Photographer, Writer & Coach Christa Gallopoulos
  • Week 40: "Listening to Your Intuition" with Business Coach & Thought Partner Jac McNeil
  • Week 41: "Becoming More Confident" with Writer, Speaker & Fitness Coach Amy Clover
  • Week 42: "Redefining Friendship" with Writer, Artist & Designer Rose Deniz
  • Week 43: "Building Your Inner Circle" with Writer & Coach Hannah Marcotti
  • Week 44: "Collaborating with Kindred Spirits" with Writer & Entrepreneur Molly Cantrell-Kraig

The Art of Joy

  • Week 45: "Cultivating Gratitude" with Photographer & Artist Teresa Deak
  • Week 46: "Cultivating Inner Peace" with Entrepreneur & Writer Tara Wagner
  • Week 47: "Building Systems That Work" with Consultant, Trainer & Speaker Desiree Adaway
  • Week 48: "Navigating Change" with Author, Startup Advisor & Venture Fund Manager Anastasia Ashman
  • Week 49: "Rekindling Your Inner Spark" with Teacher & Writer Randi Buckley
  • Week 50: "Touching the World with Kindness" Coach & Teacher Kate Swoboda
  • Week 51: "Recognizing Your Connected Wholeness" with Author, Human Rights Advocate & Teacher Marianne Elliott
  • Week 52: "Creating What Matters" with Writer & Community Builder Cigdem Kobu
“I’m having such a great time with A Year With Myself each time my weekly story and writing prompt arrive. And I absolutely love the additional ideas and exercises in the bonus interviews. This whole thing is like a treasure chest. Thank you!”
CARA MOULDS, Fine Art Photographer & Life Coach
“As a newbie on the course, Module 2 has pulled on my heartstrings the most. I've been in ‘automate’ mode for so long, how wonderful just to pause and remind myself of my bigger dreams.”
ZIVANA VINCENT, Martha Beck Career & Life Coach

Give yourself the gift of an exceptional year with yourself for creating and connecting with more joy and ease.

Sign up today! This live group experience of A Year With Myself won't be available after January 31st. Writing alongside other women creators like you, sharing your words and reflections with like-hearted, friendly companions, and reading their words is priceless. It's a valuable opportunity to open windows into each other’s lives while sharing reflections as we follow our own creative paths. You'll feel heard, witnessed and connected. You'll grow together as humans and creatives. And you'll also have access to the wisdom and tools of of dozens of amazing experts and leaders.

This is your chance to spend an unforgettable year with yourself, reinvent all areas of your life, and get from where you are to the joyful place you want to be next year this time. Register today and give yourself the gift of you!

(The side effects of this program may include but are not limited to a consistent writing practice that will invigorate your creative life, beautiful new friendships that will begin and blossom throughout the year, a deeper connection to yourself and your place in the world, a flourishing creative career or brilliant business aligned with what matters to you the most, much laughter, meaningful conversations, a creative sisterhood who'll have your back, and a deeper kind of fulfillment.)
“On day one, I already knew that doing A Year With Myself would take me far this year. It’s powerful stuff. It won’t be a one time thing. A Year With Myself is one of the greatest treasures that has come into my life.”
“I'm loving that each module flows into the next and yet it never feels rushed, hurried, or in the least bit unpleasant to flow with it at my own pace. Thank you so much, Cigdem.”
CURRIE SILVER, Writer & Artist

87 Bonus Interviews with Remarkable Writers, Artists, Coaches, Healers, Leaders & Entrepreneurs

"A Year With Myself is a beautiful and loving way to honor the passion of writing. I’m honoring my own self-worth by this commitment, and I can see the gifts blooming already."
BRENDA HANSON, Infusion Nurse
“These essays and prompts have taken me so much deeper than I foresaw. So much is churning within, and it’s timely. There’s much to be gained.”
MARY ELIZABETH McCONNELL, Well-Being Therapist & Energy Healer
THE ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY (14 Bonus Interviews)

  • “Leveraging Your Introversion” with Small Business Attorney ELIZABETH POTTS WEINSTEIN
  • “Being an Introvert Entrepreneur” with Business Coach & Brand Consultant LAURIE FOLEY
  • “Your Roots and Core Values” with Master Coach & Author SANDI AMORIM
  • “Rediscovering Your Inner Roots” with Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach & Memoir Facilitator SUE MITCHELL
  • “Finding and Stepping Into Your Strengths” with Speaker & Leadership Coach TANYA GEISLER
  • "Identifying and Amplifying Your Strengths" with Writer & Community Builder EL EDWARDS
  • “Authenticity and Mindful Nonconformism” with Writer & Psychotherapist KAREN CATERSON
  • “Embracing Your Authentic Self” with Life Coach & Author DIAN REID-JANCIC
  • “Finding Your Thing” with Life & Small Business Coach VICTORIA BROUHARD
  • “Doing a Multitude of Things” with Lawyer, Administrator & Consultant ANDREA OLSON
  • “The Power of Awareness” with Writer, Photographer & Coach JULIE DALEY
  • "Becoming Aware of Your Needs" with Nutrition Educator & Financial Controller AMY GRAMS
  • “Falling in Love with Yourself” with Writer, Speaker & Spiritual Director RONNA DETRICK
  • “On Self-Love and Self-Acceptance" with Coach & NLP Practitioner JACKIE ROBERTS

THE ART OF CREATIVITY (15 Bonus Interviews)

  • “Claiming Your Power to Create” with Artist, Therapist & Creativity Mentor CHRIS ZYDEL
  • “Being Present, Alive and Creative” with Business Awesomizer FABEKU FATUNMISE
  • Testing and Communicating Ideas” with Speaker & Leadership Consultant DYANA VALENTINE
  • “Turning Bright Ideas into Action” with Author, Teacher & Consultant TOM EVANS
  • “Finding Your Authentic Expression” with Writer & Copywriter JENNY BONES
  • “Expressing Your Truth” with Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Writer TRACEY SELINGO
  • “Adding Play and Adventure to Your Creative Life” with Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach & Memoir Facilitator SUE MITCHELL
  • “Creativity and Adventure” with Blogger & Lifestyle Entrepreneur ANNIE ANDRE
  • “Being a Creative Generalist” with Mixed-Media Artist & Creativity Guide ALEXIA PETRAKOS
  • “Writing, Healing and the Music of Words” with Poet & Writer JULIE JORDAN SCOTT
  • “Dealing with Procrastination" with Life Coach & Creative Entrepreneur TIA SPARKLES SINGH
  • “Finding Creative Flow” with Author, Artist & Book Coach CYNTHIA MORRIS
  • “Sustainable Creativity and Being a Hybrid Creative” with Writer AMNA AHMAD
  • "The Benefits and Elements of Creative Play” with Artist & Creativity Coach ANDREA SCHROEDER
  • “Getting in the Creative Zone” with Spiritual Teacher & Healing Arts Practitioner MICHELLE CURRIE

THE ART OF HEALING (18 Bonus Interviews)

  • “The Art of Letting Go” with Author & Photographer SUSANNAH CONWAY
  • “Being More with Less” with Writer, Artist & Consultant COURTNEY CARVER
  • "The Power of Being and Having Enough" with copyeditor & proofreader MICHELLE RUSSELL
  • “Energy and Its Currencies” with Writer, Designer & Intuitive Counselor BRIDGETT PILLOUD
  • “Stress-Free Creativity” with Writer & Coach AMY PALKO
  • “Yoga and Creativity” with Yoga Instructor & Writer AMBER KARNES
  • “Navigating Grief” with Grief Specialist & Intuitive Energy  Worker ALANA SHEEREN
  • "Navigating Emotional Turbulence" with Psychotherapist & Life Coach TAMARISK SAUNDERS-DAVIES
  • "On Grief, Vulnerability, Gratitude, and Healing" with Writer & Photographer ALYCIA NEIGHBORS
  • "On Healing and Transformation After Loss" with Writer, Speaker & Coach JENNIFER BOYKIN
  • “On Forgiveness” with Writer & Transformational Coach LISA MILES BRADY
  • “The Practice of Forgiveness” with Writer, Coach & Speaker HEATHER PLETT
  • "Money, Wealth and Financial Recovery” with Business Coach & Entrepreneur SHEROLD BARR
  • "Practical Tips for Healing Your Finances" with Editor, Writer & Community Manager JOAN CONCILIO OTTO
  • “Deep Rest, Deep Play and Self-Cherishment” with Coach & Educator LIANNE RAYMOND
  • “Total Self-Care” with Writer, Coach & Herbalist SARAH GRACE POWERS
  • “Food and Creativity” with Writer, Speaker & Nutrition Coach MEG WORDEN
  • “Empowerment and Transformation” with Somatic Psychotherapist & Coach MAIRA HOLZMANN

THE ART OF ACTION (15 Bonus Interviews)

  • “The Vision for Your Work” with Copywriter & Content Strategist ABBY KERR
  • "Reconnecting with Your Life's Purpose" with Coach, Teacher & Energy Worker MEGAN POTTER
  • “Moving and Creating in Spite of Fear” with Global Nomad & Writer ANGELA MARIE MAXWELL
  • “Time Management and Productivity” with Business Coach & Change Strategist ALI DAVIES
  • “Modern Productivity” with Writer & Traveler LISA BALDWIN
  • “Gentle Productivity” with Writer & Coach JEN VERTANEN
  • “The Real Meaning of Success” with Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant NATALIE SISSON
  • “Being a Multipassionate Creative” with Artist, Performer & Coach MELISSA DINWIDDIE
  • “Focusing on What Matters” with Writer & Marketing Manager MICHELLE NICKOLAISEN
  • “Creative Focus” with Artist, Author & SoulCollage® Facilitator ANNE MARIE BENNETT
  • “Productivity for Creatives” with Artist & Writer TARA KATE ROBINSON
  • “Building Lasting Habits” with Artist, Writer & Consultant MOLLY GORDON
  • “Motivation and Daily Habits” with Attorney, Writer, Artist, & Entrepreneur TAMARA HOLLAND
  • “Doing Great Work” with Author, Artist and Creative Business Coach LISA SONORA
  • “Transformation on the Creative Journey” with Transformation Coach & Guide NONA JORDAN

THE ART OF CONNECTION (10 Bonus Interviews)

  • "The Art of Connection and Lovingkindness” with Photographer, Writer & Coach CHRISTA GALLOPOULOS
  • “Cultivating Connection” with Opera Singer & Voice Coach NATALIE CHRISTIE PELUSO
  • “Being Intuitive in Business” with Business Coach & Thought Partner JAC MCNEIL
  • “Intuition in Business” with Business Coach & Marketing Consultant KADENA TATE
  • Self-Confidence from the Inside Out” with Writer, Speaker & Fitness Coach AMY CLOVER
  • “Building Self-Confidence” with Author & Public Speaking Coach LISA BRAITHWAITE
  • “Sisterhood in the Modern World” with Writer, Artist & Designer ROSE DENIZ
  • “Connecting with Your Community” with Writer & Coach HANNAH MARCOTTI
  • "Building a Global Community” with Entrepreneur & Consultant TARA AGACAYAK
  • "On Collaborating with Kindred Spirits" with Painter & Writer KATHY SPRINKLE

THE ART OF JOY (15 Bonus Interviews)

  • "Cultivating Joy and Gratitude through Beauty" with Photographer & Artist TERESA DEAK
  • “Cultivating Gratitude” with Awareness Artist & Writer LISA RENEE WILSON
  • "Inviting More Spirituality into Your Life and Work" with entrepreneur & writer TARA WAGNER
  • "Spirituality and Creating from the Whole Self" with Author, Teacher & Intuitive Consultant AMY OSCAR
  • “Creating Viable Systems for Life and Business” with Consultant, Trainer & Speaker DESIREE ADAWAY
  • “Building Systems in Life and Business” with Web Designer & Consultant NAOMI NILES
  • “Finding and Building Your Niche” with Author, Startup Advisor & Venture Fund Manager ANASTASIA ASHMAN
  • “Navigating Change” with Author, Energy Teacher & Spiritual Midwife STACI BODEN
  • “Teaching As a Tool for Transforming Yourself and Others” with Author & Coach TARA MOHR
  • “Rekindling Your Inner Spark” with Coach, Teacher & Writer RANDI BUCKLEY
  • “Living a Life of Possibility” with Writer, Lawyer & Entrepreneur SIBYL CHAVIS
  • “Cultivating Courage” with Coach, Writer & Speaker KATE SWOBODA
  • "Lovingkindness in Life and Business" with Coach & Writer JEN TRULSON
  • “Passion and Compassion” with Author, Human Rights Advocate & Teacher MARIANNE ELLIOTT
  • Creativity and Spirituality” with Fine Art Photographer & Bodhisattva-in-Training MAHALA MAZEROV

P.S.: The interviews included in A Year With Myself are NOT video interviews. They are transcripts of in-depth conversations I had with each of the guest instructors and other contributors specifically for this program. These conversations are designed and conducted to support your weekly writing practice guided by the prompts. They bring to the table various details related to the weekly topics and include lots of valuable tips, ideas, additional exercises, repeatable methods, resources, and tools my guests have generously shared with the women who embark upon the A Year With Myself journey.
“I feel so lucky, so blessed, and so amazed at the perfect timing and fit of A Year With Myself. Thank you, Cigdem.”
JILL SALAHUB, Writer, Meditation Guide & Yoga Instructor
A Year With Myself was just what I needed right now.  I love journaling, but have gotten away from it. These prompts and interviews are helping me get back on track to finding out who I am!”
EDIE DYKEMAN, Writer & Journaler

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live writing group or a self-study program?

This is a live writing group with yearlong access to the Story Sisterhood, a cozy online writing circle for women creatives, coaches, healers, and solopreneurs. Each week throughout 2020, we're going to write together with the inspiring weekly A Year With Myself prompts and stories crafted exclusively for this program by remarkable writers, artists, coaches, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

When do we begin and how do I access the program material?

The program began on Monday, January 6th. Enrollment will continue until January 31st, and then, the doors will close. As soon as you sign up, you'll access the the Welcome & Guidelines section and Module 1: The Art of Beginning. You'll also be able to immediately join our private Story Sisterhood group on Facebook where you can start posting the writing you do with the weekly prompts.

How much time do I need each week to write?

10 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week are perfectly fine for most of us. This is a very spacious experience and the material is spread out to the year, so you'll never feel overwhelmed or behind. Besides, all writing counts, and everything is progress. You'll hear those two things over and over again in my community. If you don't have 10 minutes, start with just five minutes a day. 

I don't call myself a writer. Can I still join?

Of course! You don't have to call yourself a writer to love and benefit from writing. As long as you enjoy writing, journaling, self-discovery, and creative growth, you'll love your A Year With Myself experience. 

Do I have to be on my computer to access the class material?

You can log in to the program area using the login button at the top of this page to access all material from your desktop computer, your notebook, your tablet, and even your smartphone. It's an extremely user-friendly space.

Do I have to follow the sequence of the modules and sections?

The sequence of this program is on purpose. The modules will unlock one by one. First, this prevents overwhelm. Second, the prompts and interviews are designed to walk you through a meaningful journey by following an intentional array of themes and topics.

How should I use the writing prompts?

You can write into your journal, write a blog post, pen a personal essay, a poem, or a story, take a photo, make a collage or a photo essay, or sometimes just tweet your response. It's up to you! There are many ways to create and express yourself—you get to decide!

Can I go faster and work with more than one prompt a week?

The program is designed to provide spacious reflection and creative practice each week. The sequence of the themes and modules is intentional; it's designed to help you make the most of this experience without losing your focus or feeling overwhelmed. In our group space, we'll go week by week and post what we write according to the original design—once a week. However, knowing that there may be registrants who want to work on their own and go faster, I set up the modules to unlock every four weeks. So, all modules will have unlocked by the summer.

I don’t like writing. Will I still like this program?

I think so. You can use to prompts for creating art journals, collages, doodles, poems, paintings, or find other ways to express the creative ideas they instigate. What you’ll read—alone—has the power to change your perspective and provide insight. You can sit quietly on your own and meditate on the essays and the prompts if you don’t want to write. Some of our participants read the weekly lessons and go on a walk in nature as they contemplate the prompt.

Will you offer feedback on my writing?

This is not a writing craft program. No critiques or craft-related feedback will be offered. This is a program that will help you develop a solid, enjoyable writing practice, grow as a human and creative, connect with yourself and the world that surrounds you, and take meaningful steps toward creating what matters to you the most in 2020. Also, past participants say it's quite enjoyable. 😊 On the other hand, we do read and respond to each other's posts. The conversations that develop around the weekly themes are lively, deep, and nourishing in many ways.

How present and accessible are you in the group?

Very. This is one of the elements that set my groups and programs apart. I am always present (personally—not through assistants or canned responses). There's always an element of active, genuine participation in the community. There's also respect, understanding and camaraderie between the members. Expect to experience a close-knit, kind, supportive, stress-free group. This will be the best place to further your writing and up your creative energy.

Do I have to participate in discussions?

You don't have to. You can quietly write on your own and read what others share without actively participating. Or you can totally skip the group and do the whole program on your own and at your own pace. It's up to you. However, I do want to say again that you'll get so much more out of the program when you join us in the Story Sisterhood circle. 😊

Who will see what I post and share in the group?

Everything we'll share inside our group is visible only to the other women in the A Year With Myself 2020 cohort. And no one else. Confidentiality is ensured and required.

What is the format of the bonus interviews?

The interviews included in the program are NOT video interviews. They are transcripts of in-depth conversations I had with each of the guest instructors and other contributors specifically for this program. These conversations are designed and conducted to support your weekly writing practice guided by the prompts. They bring to the table various details related to the weekly topics and include lots of valuable tips, ideas, additional exercises, repeatable methods, resources, and tools my guests have generously shared with the women who embark upon the A Year With Myself journey.

How much is the investment?

This yearlong program requires 10 monthly investments of $67. After your 10th payment, you won't be charged again. Or, you can make a one-time investment of $570 and save $100. It comes down to $47.5 per month or about one and a half dollars a day for an unforgettable year with yourself and a wonderful group of women creators like you who'll write with the same prompts and create their new life from the inside out alongside you.

How long do I have access to the class material?

The entire program material is neatly organized here in the course area, where you have easy, forever access to it when you're logged in. You can come back here to work with the writing prompts and exercises again or read the interviews as many times as you want.

How do I pay?

Please use the button at the top of this page to pay with your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. If you have a coupon, make sure you enter it in the related space before you complete your purchase. After you complete your registration, you'll be able to immediately access the program area, the welcome note and the first module.

Do you offer refunds?

I'll be happy to offer you a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase with no questions asked. Please note that a 5% service charge will be deducted for refunds. No refunds are available after 48 hours. Please read all sections of this page carefully. Also, read all of the testimonials on this page to see whether the experience of the previous participants resonate with you. This will help you make a conscious purchase decision.

Can I gift A Year With Myself?

Of course. A Year With Myself will make a fantastic gift for women who love writing and journaling and who want to create their best life. Purchase the program using the button above and then send me the name and email address of the receiver (to cigdem AT cigdemkobu DOT com). You can also send me a note for them. I’ll send the lucky receiver an email invitation and a VIP pass to the program area along with your note and replace your account with theirs.