Get Found, Get Heard, Get Known with Ease by Building a Story-Powered Business

In a world more aware of personality, depth and trust, you'll stand out only if you have an unmistakable voice and a resonant story. It's the only way to get found, get heard and get known. And it's hard. But I'm here to make it easier. Through my proprietary story framework, I help visionary women coaches, creatives and changemakers like you become captivating business storytellers. My clients grow their audience, up their impact and double their income with clarity and confidence, waking up every day to a thriving business that feels like home.
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"Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry."


Kind Words

"I’m in the strategist’s chair everyday in my own business, and what I really needed was someone who could give me what I give to my clients: wise, supportive strategy. Working with Cigdem has been one of the smartest investments I’ve made."
JAC McNEIL, Co-Active Coach & Thought Partner
"Cigdem's guidance helped me wake up to the truth of myself. To bravely enter the creative abyss.  She has been the catalyst for me to step onto my true purpose. Working with Cigdem will bless your life. I highly recommend her work."
KADENA TATE, Business Strategist & Speaker
"I would have never been able to do on my own all the deep digging that Cigdem guided me through. My business is now booming in all directions. Great new clients, speaking gigs, teaching, art. I also get a lot of good feedback about my site. I'm so happy!"
CYNTHIA MORRIS, Author & Book Writing Coach
"With each interaction with Cigdem, I come away with an expanded sense of what’s possible and new avenues of thought to travel down."
SUE MITCHELL, Memoir Facilitator & Creativity Coach
"Cigdem offers a unique blend of very powerful business discussions cloaked in an amazingly clear-eyed and kind global view. She is fully present, amazingly available, egalitarian, truthful, funny—with a depth of knowledge and resources that are astounding."
LIZ CRAIN, Ceramic Artist & Designer
"Everything is thorough, well-crafted, and with a sense of completeness. As a facilitator, Cigdem complements her evoking ideas and writing with a gentle presence, fluff-free."
MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist & Creativity Guide

"This is one of the best, most useful newsletters I’ve had in a long time. And currently the only newsletter I’m subscribed to."

JANICE HUNTER, Writer & Certified Homelife Coach