What if you hustled less and earned more? Convinced less and connected more? What if you had a secret superpower that let you create and thrive with ease? What if I could help you master that superpower?

My name is Cigdem Kobu, and I’m a strategic creative partner and writing mentor for introverted women creators and entrepreneurs. I run the Writer’s Progress Lounge, a boutique growth lab and writing community for introverted women writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who want to lead a good life doing work that makes them come alive. The superpower we develop in the Lounge is writing—our innate power as quiet luminaries.

My new website opens on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. On the same day, the 100 Progress Lounge Founding Member seats will be up for grabs at 50% off the regular membership fee. After that, the Lounge will close again until September so that I can focus on serving our first members.

Keep an eye on the Writer’s Progress Lounge if you want to be one of those 100 wonderful peeps who’ll be able to come in and start reaching their creative goals through the support they’ll get in our unique space. I hope you’ll be one of those 100 women. I look forward to helping you create, connect, and thrive the introverted way through the power of writing and publishing what matters!